Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Know A Guy . . . actually several guys

I know a guy, really several men who cook breakfast once a month for other men. Like all of us in the body of Christ, they're all very different. There's a left fielder, a right fielder, a short stop, and one who's on injured reserve. I hope you get the picture that they are all very different guys, but they have three things in common - they all love Jesus, they all love their church, and they all love getting up very early to come and cook breakfast for other men.  Might not seem like much to you, but I think it's much to Christ and to the men they serve.

Monday, July 8, 2013

I Know A Guy (Gal) . . . who gave Easter baskets

I know a guy, actually a very old lady in the church I grew up in. She gave us Easter baskets. We weren't her kids, her grandkids, or in any way related to her. Yet, every Easter she would show up with baskets loaded with chocolate, candy, and special toys for me and my sister. She came by the house on birthdays and brought us cards. Lots of people thought she was crazy, touched, or a few steps beyond eccentric, but I think she just found great joy in life and in giving. If that makes you crazy, then be crazy. I don't remember her doing anything else in our church, anything grand or significant in the eyes of the world. I do, however, remember her smile, and her generosity to me and my sister.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Know A Guy . . . who loved people and his church

I know a guy. He was the first person who visited our home after we visited the church, coming just a couple of days later. He wasn't the pastor, didn't get paid to do it, but clearly loved his church and we sensed he loved us. That was twentyy-five years ago. I later discovered that he had been doing that for more than a decade before, and he did it until he was no longer able to do so. His church changed much in those decades, multiple leadership changes, turnover in membership, but this guy . . . this guy apparently loved and served them all.  And, he loved and served hundreds of people like us - people who needed a church.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Know A Guy

Ok, this picture may border on sacrilegious to you, but I thought it was funny and it expresses my thoughts about a few blogs I want to do. I've been preaching through Ephesians, and got to Ephesians 4, particularly 4:7 where Paul writes, "Now grace was given to each one of  us according to the measure of the Messiah's gift."  I like that. Every single born again believer in Jesus Christ, no matter what age, education or background has been gifted by Christ. I wanted to write about some of those people. I'm going to try to keep it anonymous for many reasons. I want this to encourage you to serve in and through your church. I want this to encourage you just to glorify God by serving. I want you to see some "ordinary" people serve, since so often we think the only really qualified people are those standing behind pulpits, planting churches, or going to the mission field. I'm gonna call it "I know a guy."

I know a guy, actually a lady, who sat in church every Sunday in virtual silence. Her dusky gray hair pulled back in a tight bun, petite frame and quiet demeanor were like a social camouflage that caused her to blend into the crowd. But, I caught her one day. I was a part-time youth guy at the church, and I caught her cleaning up the kitchen. The pastor told me I was not to tell anyone, because she didn't want them to know. This was how she served her church, and she wanted no credit for it. Her stealthiness didn't work, because I have never forgotten her.