Thursday, January 30, 2014

Who To Pray For Today

If you're going to be a growing Christian, you're going to be a praying Christian. I'm not talking about taking the bold stand of praying over your meal in a restaurant, but the bold stand of daily prayer in your prayer closet. It takes much more boldness and discipline to spend an hour of prayer a day in private than 3 minutes of prayer 3 times a day at meals. 

It helps if you have a prayer list in your Bible of specific people groups to pray for. Every day you will pray for family, friends and church leaders. Who should you pray for on Mondays? Here's my suggested list headings. Put them on one of those blank pages in your Bible and begin to add names under each heading:

Mondays are for missionaries

Tuesdays are for teachers in schools and in church

Wednesdays are for worship, the leaders and the congregation

Thursdays are for the lost

Fridays are for revival

Saturdays are for your pastor

Sundays you don't need a list because you'll join in prayer with the others at your church

Pick these or your own. Just get busy training yourself in prayer.