Wednesday, July 22, 2015

P.E.W.: Practical Encouragement Wednesdays (About Meetings)

I've been a pastor for over two decades. I spend a lot of time with pastors, and, because of other ministries I do, I spend alot of time with other pastor's parishioners and people who aren't parishioners. Oh, yeah, and it's Wednesday. Now, you might ask, "What makes you qualified to say what you're saying?"  Well, probably not much. I do have experience. I do care. And, every bit of advice I give I've probably learned the hard way . . . as in, I've blown it.  So, here's my first PEW: PRACTICAL ENCOURAGEMENT WEDNESDAYS for pastors, parishioners, wannabe pastors, and used-to-be parishioners.


Parishioners . . . treat every meeting like it matters. 

Don't guilt your pastor when he has a meeting. Don't rush in late and leave early because you're so busy. Everyone there is busy, including your pastor. Your time isn't any more valuable than your pastor's or anyone else's on the team. So be on time, be prepared, and be in the moment. That means that while you're in the meeting that meeting is your priority. And, be encouraging to your pastor while you're in the meeting. He may not want to be there either.

Pastors . . . treat every meeting like it matters.

People are busy. I know. I know. They are not any busier than you. I know. Most of them have no clue how busy you are, or the weight you carry as a shepherd of God's people. You gotta get over that. If the meeting is important, prepare for it, be on time for it, and lead it well. If it's not important, don't have it. Some think the church will rock along just fine if there is never another meeting. Others are making sure you have every committee meeting every month. Once more. You gotta get over that.

So be on time, be prepared, and be in the moment. Turn off your phone. Make the meeting your priority. And, verbally express thanks to every person present in every meeting.