Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tomb Of The Unknowns

Here rests in honored glory an
American soldier known only to God.

We do not leave our dead on the battlefield. Even when we cannot identify their remains, we honor them. We do so because they are human beings, and in honoring them we recognize the value of human life and the value of the One who created it. We do so because they have given their lives for  us and they are worthy of honor.

The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier was placed in Arlington National Cemetery nearly 100 years ago, and for the past 68 years it has been guarded day and night, 365 days a year by the Tomb Guard of the Army's 3rd Infantry. The 3rd Infantry is known as the Old Guard, and this unit not only provides soldiers for the Tomb Guard, but also provides security for our nation's capitol in times of national emergency.

Thousands have served in the 3rd Infantry, but less than 500 have been allowed to serve as Tomb Guards. Their preparation is extensive. Their uniforms spotless. Their execution precise as they pace  21 steps to the North, turning about face and pausing 21 seconds before taking 21 steps to the South. The cadence is timed at a pace of 90 steps to the minute. The training, preparation and execution of this ceremony speak of the value we place on the unknowns buried in the tombs on the hill overlooking our nation's capitol.

There are over 56 million unknown Americans who are not buried in honored tombs. They were never given names. Their bodies were not carried in honor to a final resting place. We do not name them, perhaps because we do not want to remember them. They are the 56 million children whose lives were ended before birth since our nation legalized abortion.

This Sunday is National Sanctity Of Human Life Sunday. Honor them.

Support unwed mothers. Adopt unwanted children. Restore those who repent of abortion. Give to crisis pregnancy ministries. Use your vote to support laws and lawmakers who will defeat the abortion industry.