Thursday, July 14, 2016

Race Wars, Cops, And Christians

I don't know how to solve the current issues between different ethnic groups, good and bad cops, etc., and I'm not even sure to what extent God expects His children to "fix" these problems. I do know, however, that we who follow Christ are supposed to "obey all" that He has commanded. By the grace of God we are citizens of the Kingdom of God, and that means that no matter what happens around us, we follow the commands of our king.  And, He has many that, if the followers of Jesus would follow, would seriously change the climate of our nation.  So, here are a few things we are to do.

Respect And Submit To Authorities - Romans 13, 1 Peter 2
So, when a policeman pulls you over, you do what he or she says. Respecting also means honoring. Yeah, ok, there are some bad cops just like there are some bad preachers, bad teachers, bad bankers, and bad politicians. But, there are so many good ones. Respecting means honoring. What are you doing to honor and respect the good cops?

Pray For Those In Authority - 1 Timothy 2
Praying for those in authority doesn't mean a Christian can't hold those in authority responsible for their actions, but it does mean we are to pray for the good of those who are in authority. Prayer is commanded. Voting and holding people accountable is secondary.  Are you praying?

Do Not Abuse Authority - Matthew 20
If you're a parent, a teacher, a pastor, or a cop, if you're a Christian, God holds you accountable for the abuse of your power. Authority is given to prevent abuse. What are you doing to prevent abuse?

Love Your Neighbor As Yourself - Matthew 22, Mark 12
It doesn't matter what religion, color of skin, sexual orientation (yes, sexual orientation), or which flag he or she flies, you are to love them as yourself. No, it's not condoning sin, it's loving the sinner. That's the way Jesus loves you, and you are seriously not like Him. What are you doing to love?

Love Your Enemy - Matthew 5
It's human to love your friends. It's Christian to love your enemies. What are you doing to love your enemy?

Do Not Hate Your Enemy Or Murder - Matthew 5, 1 John 2-3
You have to forgive, because you've been forgiven. Reestablishing trust is another thing, but you must forgive. If you don't, you hate and hate is just a short step away from murder. Who do you need to forgive?

Do Not Treat People Differently Who Are Ethnically Different - Galatians 3
The Kingdom of God is the most ethnically diverse society that has ever existed, because the people in the Kingdom are from every tribe and nation. Don't treat people different because they have different colored skin or come from a different country. If they're in Christ, they're your family. If they're not in Christ, they are your mission field. This would certainly mean that a Christian should never disparage another because of the pigmentation of their skin. Do you treat people of different ethnicity differently? What are you doing to change that?

Take Action To Seek Justice - Matthew 25, Mark 9, Luke 4
Again, I'm not sure how far we are to go to fix society, but we are to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, cloth the naked, care for the widow and orphan. Certainly we should add our voice and our actions to protect lives, whatever the color of their skin. How are you acting to seek justice and act mercifully? What are you doing to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus?

Preach The Gospel To Everyone - Romans 1
The only thing that changes anything is a changed heart. That's what the Gospel does. It changes the very heart of the person. Are you sharing the Gospel?

If we who follow Christ were doing just these things, things would be significantly different.