Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What If Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, And All The Rest Don't Have The Answer?

What if no one running for office really has the answer for the disrespect, hatred, and violence that fills the twenty-four hour news cycle? What if there is an answer, and the one who has it isn't running for office? And, what if the people who know Him would proclaim the answer as loudly as the politicians proclaim their own worth?

Jesus came to preach the good news of His kingdom, to die to take away the sin that keeps all people from it, to rise again to prove His deity (his ability to fulfill His message), and to offer this kingdom to anyone who would hear His good news and believe.

In His kingdom the poor are made rich, captives are delivered from captivity, the blind see, the oppressed are released from oppression, and all debts are cancelled (Luke 4:18-19). In His kingdom there is no poverty, no blindness, no lostness, no hopelessness, no worry, no fear. In His kingdom there is no injustice, no offenders, no drug dealers, no addicts, no cop killers nor killer cops, no black nor white nor brown. In His kingdom there are no criminals, no victims, no enslavers nor slaves. In His kingdom there is no confusion over gender, no betrayal from adultery, nor emptiness from sexual immorality of any kind. In His kingdom there are no orphans, no abandoned, no abused, no neglected.  In His kingdom there are no walls, no wars, nor even rumors of wars. In His kingdom there is no sickness of any kind, and so there are no graves because there is no death.

All of this is true in His kingdom for one reason. It is HIS kingdom. His kingdom is ruled by the Prince of Peace who is also the Lord of lords. His kingdom is not an unattainable city on a hill. He brought it near when He came near. His kingdom is closed to no one, no race, no sinner of any kind, but it may only be entered through a single door - that door is Him.

He did not come to win an election, but to proclaim His Lordship over all the problems all our politicians claim to be able to overcome. He came to preach the good news that, while the kingdom is closed to all because of all of our sin, He had opened it up. He not only came to preach, but to die to buy us out of the kingdom of darkness in which we all now live. He rose from the grave and ascended back to Heaven to prove He is not running for office, but rather runs the universe.

He left His children behind for awhile, not because He is in any way a bad Father, but because He is a also the King of a kingdom that is not yet full. He left them to act like citizens of His kingdom and proclaim the Good News of their King, so that anyone who was willing to believe and follow that King could also enter that kingdom freely. 

I do not know who will win in November. I know that they have great plans, and offer great solutions, but I know who has the answers to all the solutions and consider it the greatest privilege to know that King and make Him known. That is the Good News of the kingdom of God. That is the Gospel that saved us, and the Gospel we now have the privilege to proclaim. Know Him and make Him known.