Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Birdhouse Gourds, Red Wasps, And The Destruction Of Enemies

A massive red wasp nest had been constructed in the gourd I had hung for birds to nest in in the tree outside my study window. I sprayed one can of wasp killer in the hole of the birdhouse gourd. It didn't work. I bought another brand of spray and used it. It didn't work. I thought, "Perhaps these wasps have been genetically modified by some secret government lab. It would be best just to watch them for awhile." And, besides, I couldn't afford another can of ineffective wasp spray.

Well, watch them I did. I watched these chemically resistant wasps come and go, multiply, and run off invaders. This morning as I sat at my desk and looked out the window this is what I saw. The whole lower half of the gourd is gone, destroyed, and the wasp nest has been devoured. Some thing came, destroyed their fortress, ate their nest, and now my enemies are gone. God bless whatever raccoon, possum, or Sasquatch did this. What I could not do with the best of chemical warfare has been accomplished entirely without my assistance.

The removal of my enemies and the destruction of their fortress and home was accomplished while I slept, and it reminded me of the 3rd Psalm, and it filled my heart with hope.

"Lord, how my foes increase! There are many who attack me. Many say about me, 'There is no help for him in God.' But You, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, and the One who lifts up my head. I cry aloud to the Lord, and He answers me from His holy mountain. I lie down and sleep; I wake again because the Lord sustains me. I am not afraid of the thousands of people who have taken their stand against me on every side. Rise up, Lord! Save me, my God! You strike all my enemies on the cheek; You break the teeth of the wicked. Salvation belongs to the Lord; may your blessing be on Your people."