Monday, October 3, 2016

A Word Spoken In Due Season

A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth: and a word spoken in due season, how good is it! (Proverbs 15:12)

Sometimes people come up after preachers have preached and say something like this, "That was exactly what I needed to hear." That kind of comment can be a real ego booster. While we need encouragement, we don't really need any boosting of ego. So maybe that's why preachers occasionally hear something like, "Well, preacher, at least we don't have to worry about getting a seat at the restaurant." Ok, back to "that's exactly what I needed to hear."

When humility is exercised by the preacher, when he has planted his confidence in the help of the Holy Spirit and the power of the God's Holy Word, and when he hears that what he has preached has been used by God to make an eternal change in another human being's life, he has reason to rejoice. A preacher can preach, but only God can guide His word in such a way that another can say, "how good is it!" How good it is to be used by God!

Last week my wife and I attended a national renewal conference Denver, Colorado. We had been blessed to spend a few days prior in a cabin owned by my aunt and uncle in Creede, Colorado. After unwinding in the majestic Rocky Mountains, seeing the Aspen in full Fall color, and enjoying the quietness of the place, I was tempted to stay in Creede. I am so glad we didn't.

I have enjoyed many conferences, but seldom has one been so personal. Seldom has God spoken to me through so many with such clarity and with such accuracy. So, to all the preachers who preached to me last week, I believe you have given God glory and I hope you found great joy in the preaching. It was a word in due season for me and my wife. How good is that?

(For a short time, you can see these sermons online at: These are the sermons from the 2016 National Renewal Conference at Harvest Bible Chapel, Denver, Co.  The preachers, in order, were H. B. Charles, Jr., Jeff Schwarzentraub, John S. Dickerson, Al Toledo, Don Whitney, Robbie Symons, and Paul David Tripp.)