Thursday, October 6, 2016

Don't Be An Ignorant Voter

Don't be a duh!  There are thirteen candidates for President on the ballot in Louisiana. There are twenty-four for the office of Senator and nine for the 4th Congressional District. Unless you get informed you won't have a clue who you're voting for. You can't even vote straight party because there are so many from each party. By the way, there are also six amendments.

Don't be an ignorant voter. Get informed. Here's how.

Go to the Louisiana Secretary Of State Voter Portal, click on the Search By Voter button, enter your name and Zip code, and you will be able to download a sample ballot. Then use the internet and get informed.

I know, this is a crazy year and we don't trust government, but that's no excuse not to vote. Don't be a duh! Get informed.