Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Cake And A Divine Appointment - Prayer Walk Testimonies

You may have heard someone say they had a "divine appointment." Most people don't mean they encountered an angel or a vision of God when they say this. What they do mean is that they had an encounter with someone that was so unexpected that it was clearly arranged by God.  Here is the story of one such encounter during a prayer walk last week.

"I prayed over my neighborhood then decided to stop at one place where I thought a family lived, but it was a widow who lived alone. I had taken a cookie cake with me and she invited me in. When she told me her name, she was one of my prayer neighborsI told her I had been praying for her and invited her to church. With tears in her eyes, she said, 'I have been wondering where I could go to church. I know God sent you to me.' At this point I was in tears of course. We visited and I prayed with her. Hope to see her Sunday!! It was awesome!!"

So this believer was praying for her 100 closest neighbors through Pray 4 Every Home and went prayer walking to pray on site with insight. She thought she was going to visit a family she knew, but found someone she didn't know in a house where she didn't think they belonged. Then she found out she did know her, and that God had arranged for her to have been praying for a widow for weeks before their face-to-face encounter.