Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Horse, A Healing, A Broken Heart - Prayer Walk Testimonies

     After our prayer walk (drive) we were hungry, went to a local restaurant, and were about to pray for our food. I asked the waitress if there was anything we could pray for for her. She immediately teared up, and told us she was fighting for custody of a child. We prayed with her and even got to meet her child.
     We left the restaurant and went to Walmart for groceries. As we got out of the car, so did one of our neighbors who we had just prayed for. We had just prayed for her husband who was having testing for possible cancer. She told us that many of the tumors the doctors saw are gone and they believe he does not have cancer. We praised God together in the parking lot.
     As we prayer walked we had prayed again and again that God would give us opportunities to demonstrate His love to them, to care. Well, yesterday afternoon (the day after the prayer walk), Denise came in and said, "There's a horse out in front of our neighbor's house." I went out with her. She called the neighbor in whose yard the horse was.
     That neighbor said it belonged to another neighbor on the other side of the pasture. They called the neighbor and then we tried to keep the horse from running off. Now, if you know me, you know that me corralling a horse is truly an act of God. I'm not afraid of a lot of animals, but horses and I just don't get along. But, by the time we were able to reach the owners of the horse, that young mare was following me, (without a feed bucket), like a puppy dog up into our yard where we waited  for the owner to come get her. And, she was too young to be well-trained, so she was pretty skittish. She belonged to a neighbor who was the son of another neighbor in the yard of a neighbor, all of whom we had been praying for.
     We asked for opportunities to demonstrate the love of Christ, opportunities to serve our neighbors. Within 24 hours, we had been able to serve 5 of them.  I just have to point this out. We had been praying for three months for our neighbors. Nothing had happened until we walked out the door and began to look for ways to care. And then, the ways we cared for our neighbors had nothing to do with our ideas but with their needs. Praise God!