Monday, February 6, 2017

Unexpected Blessings From Prayer Walking Our Neighborhoods

     Many of us at our church have been praying for our neighbors for at least a month using the resources of a ministry called Pray 4 Every Home. It's a great tool. You log in your address, and it generates a list of your 100 closest neighbors. Then you are emailed 5 of their names each day. So, in less than a month, you can pray for 100 homes by name. Imagine what God would do if every member of every church in America did this. The whole nation would be lifted to God, by name, in less than a month.
     Well, praying isn't all God commands us to do. We are to go into the world and share the gospel. But, how many Christians do you know who say they don't really know anyone who isn't a believer. The only reason most of us don't is because we aren't paying attention. We pray, but we don't see. If we don't see, we don't care. If we don't care, we won't share. So, we took an extra step, literally.
     We set a date and encouraged the people of our church to take their list of neighbors and walk (or drive) and pray through the neighborhood. Prayer walking is often called "praying on site with insight." Prayer walking is great for the people we pray for, but it's also great for us. It changes us, giving us insight into our neighborhood, so that God can begin to open our hearts to opportunities to demonstrate the love of Christ in real ways and share the Gospel of Christ with real people.
     I have no idea how many in our church actually prayer walked. Some did. Some just went home. But, the ones who went and prayed were blessed. God did some wonderful things, and for the next few days I'm going to share some of those testimonies with you. Here's the first.

"Prayer walking my neighborhood changed my insight into how to pray. When I got my five neighbors to pray for in the email this morning after prayer walking all our neighborhood, I could picture each and every one of their homes. It made it personal, increasing my compassion."

NOTE: If you want more information about prayer walking, you can find it at Waymakers.