Friday, September 1, 2017

After The Flood - Do Not Forget Tomorrow

     Anyone who has suffered a tragic loss knows something. Whether it's a death, a fire, or a flood, they know that most of the help from others comes in the first few days. That help is essential, invaluable, and appreciated. Thousands have risked their lives and exhausted their resources already to rescue people from the destruction of this hurricane, but the work is not done. Previous survivors know that the hard work is about to begin. After rescue comes recovery. More are needed then than now. Family, friends, neighbors, volunteers are needed to mudout and rebuild.
     After someone dies, everyone shows up. Friends and food are there. The day after the funeral, it's mostly just a couple of close friends and family. Two weeks later, the survivor finds herself sitting in an empty room alone. The same thing often happens after disasters, but it doesn't have to happen.
     Thank God for the outpouring of brotherly love we see today in the wake of Harvey. This storm has tested our responsiveness, but the recovery will test our character. Give now, go now, but let's make sure we don't forget to go in the coming weeks and months.
     Put some reminders on your cellphone calendar. Set 3 events on it; 1 in 2 weeks, 1 in 1 month, and 1 in 3 months. Entitle each one, "Volunteer To Help." Set an alarm on that day. When it goes off, pray immediately for the people recovering. Next, call your pastor, or someone in your church who does disaster relief, or some friend or family member you know who lost everything and ask this question, "What can I do to help?" Then help.
     For those who are members of our church, take steps today for tomorrow. Here's how you can do that. Get a 5 gallon bucket and fill it with some things from the list below, then bring it to the church. We will send it all with our own NAMB Disaster Relief Mud Out Teams who will deploy next week. If you can't find a bucket, no problem. Just bring the items to the church.

Rubber Gloves, Dust Masks, Germ-X, Measuring Tapes, Flashlights (with batteries), Utility Knives, Carpet Knives, Chalk Lines, First Aid Supplies, 2 Quart Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, Wash Cloths, Goggles, Work Gloves, Ziplock Bags